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Brightly coloured cartoon image of culturally diverse group of people holding hands in a long line that winds inwards - they scene is composed from overhead so their faces cannon be seen

The Unmasked Autistic is on a mission to help raise awareness about Autism and Autistic people, debunk myths about what Autism isn’t, and grow our collective understanding of our world’s diversity and why we are all stronger for it.

I do this by providing high-quality articles at no cost to you, ever, my much-valued reader. Articles like this one Breaking news: Autistic man demonstrates theory of mind take longer than you might think to write due to the research involved, and because they are in-depth in scope – 2,600+ words.

To allow me to continue to write these sorts of articles, and to cover the ongoing costs of running the website – costs that include spam protection and other security for you when you visit the website, web and email hosting, and domain name fees – I am hoping you will consider making a small donation by clicking on one of the ‘make a donation’ buttons below.

I want to keep The Unmasked Autistic free from advertising, and I don’t want one single person to have to cover the entire cost – I want this to be a community.

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What you get in return

In return for your small donation, you will receive a warm fuzzy feeling (hopefully!) knowing that you are helping me continue to write and produce content for you. Content that I sincerely hope makes a positive difference to your life, helps educate you about Autism and neurodiversity in general, and that helps you feel connected to something more.

Please consider helping me cover the costs of running this website. And thank you! šŸ˜Š

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