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At The Unmasked Autistic my aim is to help empower Autistic adults and raise awareness about Autism to non-Autistic people through the stories I tell and the observations I make.

On occasion, that might mean that I write an article that features information and recommendations about tools, supports, and products that have helped me with my own sensory sensitivities, functional capacity, and planning and organisation – with a view that they will, hopefully, also help you or someone you know.

The range includes items like headphones, timers, books, whiteboards, weighted blankets, therapy putty, fidget toys, and many other sensory tools and supports.

These posts can be found under the heading ‘Neurodivergent Support‘ in the main menu of the website, and by conducting a ‘search’.

In these types of articles, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you purchase products by clicking through from an associated link.

I will, however, never promote or recommend a product I don’t wholeheartedly believe in. In fact, in most cases I have purchased the products I suggest on this website after a period of trial and error and come to love whatever it is that I use, and, most importantly, found that it helps regulate my emotions or manage my sensory sensitivities.

Please note that I do not receive any free products, services, or anything else by mentioning specific brands or companies on this website.

Currently, The Unmasked Autistic is an Amazon Associate with and as such may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

However, I do plan to promote sensory products I use as they become available from other companies as well.

Any commission I earn on The Unmasked Autistic goes directly back into helping me run and sustain this website, in turn allowing me to continue to provide fresh, Autism-friendly, neurodivergent-affirming content to you.

I suggest that you only ever spend money on the products I recommend if you truly believe they will help you – which is why I myself purchased them in the first place.

You can learn more about me or contact me if you would like further information.

Best wishes and happy reading,

The Unmasked Autistic

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